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We work directly with clients to understand their overall situation to help achieve their desired goals. We believe in educating our clients on their specific tax situation, so they understand what to look out for and when to reach out for our help. We advise on how to use and manage their hard-earned assets to provide the financial growth needed, to produce a retirement plan for them and an estate plan to protect their families.

Tax efficient contract consulting

Residency and state tax planning 

Review of team reporting to compare to actual “duty day” calculations to prevent overpaid tax due to estimated team amounts. 

Review team paystub to ensure fine reporting is consistent with CBA and for other potential adjustments to the income reported.

Review of prior tax filings to ensure accuracy. (Amend for refunds due to erroneous W-2 reporting of suspensions and/or fines)

Use of LLC and other entities to track business income and expenses to minimize tax

Use of retirement vehicles to minimize tax and protect assets from creditors 

Set a plan based on current contract to achieve specific goals set with each client to be monitored and adjusted as needed.

Review contract and pay stub throughout the year to ensure required taxes are being withheld and/or adjust tax withholding and ensure proper taxes are being withheld.

Career Planning

Are you an athlete looking to plan for your financial future beyond your playing days?

Our CPA firm specializes in helping athletes like you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of the sports industry.

From retirement planning to tax optimization, we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive plan for your long-term financial success.

Tax Planning

Federal tax planning by educating the clients on what type of items athlete’s are able to deduct in order to minimize tax liability and providing a system to track these items.


Prepare For The Future

As an athlete, your earning potential and investment opportunities are unique.

Our CPA firm specializes in helping athletes set up and manage LLCs to maximize their earnings and investments.

Let us guide you towards financial success both on and off the field.

Tax Refund

Florida and other state residency support and planning to eliminate or reduce other state income taxes on signing bonuses.  This includes recalculating wage apportionment calculations for W-2’s issued erroneously to get the client the refund of the over withheld state income taxes allocated erroneously to the non-resident states.

More Services

  • Work with the agents and managers to structure the most after-tax beneficial contract possible
  • Home office and bill pay services
  • Cash flow Analysis, Budgets, and Forecast
  • Estate planning
  • and more.