Taxes, Accounting, Compliance, and Planning

Income Tax Planning and Compliance

At Perry CPA & Group, LLC, we take a proactive approach to tax consulting that encompasses more than just preparing tax returns. We believe preparing tax returns is more than a one-time service that occurs each year. As your tax advisors we believe that establishing a close relationship with our clients is key to successful tax planning.  This allows us to work with you throughout the year as events happen that affect your life, family, and future.

We use this information to implement tax mitigation strategies that are monitored and updated throughout the year to minimize taxes and meet your specific goals and financial needs as they change.


Tax services, Compliance and planning for: Individuals, Corporations & Partnerships, Trust & Estates including:

Trust and Fiduciary Tax Services

Provide expert guidance on trust and fiduciary tax matters, including preparation of fiduciary income tax returns and advising on tax planning strategies for trusts and estates.

Partnership (Including multi-tier) Tax Services

Personalized tax planning and tax preparation services related to the complex and ever-changing tax law for partnerships while ensuring reporting consistency with related partnership agreements.

Non-profit tax services

Provide specialized tax services for non-profit organizations, including assistance with tax-exempt status applications, compliance with IRS regulations, and filing annual returns.

 Estate and Gift Tax Planning

Assist clients with estate and gift tax planning, helping them minimize potential tax liabilities and navigate complex estate planning strategies. Our planning experts work with your legal advisors to design tailored estate planning strategies that lower tax obligations and reduce probate expenses. Gift tax planning protects the wealth of your loved ones by remaining current on the constantly changing gift tax regulations and planning accordingly to ensure you pass the maximum amount of your estate to the next generation.

Corporate Tax Services

Provide expert guidance and tax preparation services for both: C Corporation and Sub S Corporation Taxes.  Expert advice on Sub Chapter S Elections and the related pros and cons associated with each client’s unique tax situation.

Individuals Tax Services

  1.  Review and provide expert personalized advice on each client’s overall tax situation based on their specific overall goals. This includes:
    1. Individual Tax Return Preparation 
    2. Tax consulting: Offer strategic and customized tax consulting services

1. Individual Tax Return Preparation: – Federal, State and local tax compliance. 

2. Tax consulting:- Offer strategic and customized tax consulting services to guide clients in making informed decisions related to tax compliance, restructuring, and other various tax matters.

3. Proactive Tax Planning:- Through tax projections, based on actual activity and expected activity, to produce projected annual taxable income. This is used to determine the estimated annual income tax so the client can adjust the taxes being withheld from pay or adjust estimated tax payments remaining. 

4. Unique Strategy and Tax Positions: -for considerable tax savings opportunities for real estate transactions, closely held business owners, cost segregation reporting, professional athletes, retirement planning, and many more.

IRS problem resolution

Provide expertise in helping clients resolve any tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), including audits, tax liens, and levies.

Small Business Accounting

Cater to the needs of small businesses by offering specialized accounting services such as:

  • QuickBooks set up and training 
  • All services are customizable and can be done monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. 
  • CPA Compiled Financial Statement preparation 
  • CPA Write-Up of client accounting – Review of client-prepared books and corresponding supporting documents while providing any adjusting entries needed. 
  • Bookkeeping Services – Post, classify, and reconcile all bank and credit card transactions. Ensure financials tie to supporting documents and/or reconciliations, etc.
    1. This includes putting procedures in place to ensure all other tax filings are handled timely and efficiently for things like Sales Tax, Payroll Taxes, Annual Reports, etc.

“Additional Services”

 Tax Credits and Incentives

 Help clients identify and take advantage of various tax credits, deductions, and incentives available to them, such as research and development (R&D) tax credits, energy-efficient tax incentives, hiring tax credits, etc.

Multi-State Tax Services

Assist clients with multi-state tax considerations, including nexus determination, state tax planning, and compliance with varying state tax laws

Gross vs. Net

Focus on after-tax net returns and not gross returns before taxes.  This includes comparing differences in tax rates across different investments, job offers across various states with different tax implications, etc.

Estate, Trust, and Gift Planning and Compliance

Focusing on the financial foundation by working with the client to understand the short and long-term goals allows us to focus on the client’s best interest and accomplish the desired goals.

Based on each client’s situation and desired goals we put specific plans in place to minimize taxes, protect assets through a variety of vehicles, and advise clients how to use and manage hard-earned assets to produce a retirement plan to support desired lifestyles and provide an estate plan for their family.

Estate, Trust and Gift Tax Return preparation

Succession and Retirement planning

Wealth transfer strategies

Family estate and gift tax planning to minimize estate taxes



We work directly with clients to understand their overall situation to help them achieve their desired goals. We believe in educating our clients on their specific tax situation, so they understand what to look out for and when to reach out for our help. We advise on how to use and manage their hard-earned assets to provide the financial growth needed, to produce a retirement plan for them, and an estate plan to protect their families.